Kali安装VMware tools(详细+异常处理) – 毒逆天

[email protected]:~$ cd /media/cdrom0 进入光驱内

[email protected]:/media/cdrom0$ ls 查看当前目录下有哪些内容
manifest.txt run_upgrader.sh VMwareTools-9.6.2-1688356.tar.gz vmware-tools-upgrader-32 vmware-tools-upgrader-64

[email protected]:/media/cdrom0$ cp VMwareTools*.tar.gz /home 拷贝VWTools到home目录下(注意大小写)

[email protected]:/media/cdrom0$ cd 

[email protected]:~$ ls
Desktop dnt VMwareTools-9.6.2-1688356.tar.gz

[email protected]:~$ gzip -d VMwareTools*.tar.gz 把.gz解压成tar(文件大小会变大)

[email protected]:~$ ls
Desktop dnt VMwareTools-9.6.2-1688356.tar

[email protected]:~$ tar -xvf VMwareTools*.tar 解压文件并显示详细解压过程

[email protected]:~$ ls
Desktop dnt VMwareTools-9.6.2-1688356.tar vmware-tools-distrib

[email protected]:~$ cd vmware* 进入 vmware-tools-distrib 目录下

[email protected]:~/vmware-tools-distrib$ ls
bin doc etc FILES INSTALL installer lib vmware-install.pl

[email protected]:~/vmware-tools-distrib$ su 切换到root账号

[email protected]:/home/dnt/vmware-tools-distrib# ./vmware*.pl  运行安装包(具体的如下图所示)

[email protected]:reboot  重启一下



[email protected]:/home/dnt/vmware-tools-distrib# ./vmware*.pl
A previous installation of VMware Tools has been detected.

The previous installation was made by the tar installer (version 4).

Keeping the tar4 installer database format.

You have a version of VMware Tools installed. Continuing this install will
first uninstall the currently installed version. Do you wish to continue?
(yes/no) [yes]

Error: Unable to find the binary installation directory (answer BINDIR)
in the installer database file “/etc/vmware-tools/locations”.

Uninstall failed. Please correct the failure and re run the install.

Execution aborted.



[email protected]:/home/dnt/vmware-tools-distrib# rm -rf /etc/vmware-tools
[email protected]:/home/dnt/vmware-tools-distrib# rm -rf /tmp/vm*
[email protected]:/home/dnt/vmware-tools-distrib# ./vmware*.pl



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